Funtrott: the company that sublimates your scooter

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Glossy carbon mudguard, luminous deck or even epoxy paint. The palette of creation is wide for these customization enthusiasts. A family business that made its debut on the Dualtron brand, Funtrott is a must among owners of electric scooters who want to stand out. By a colorful singularity.

It all started almost six years ago with the creation of parts to install Magura brand brakes on Dualtron scooters. “We have worked extensively on the accessory part with this brand of electric scooter, to the point of inventing parts that did not exist”, says the founder of Funtrott, Michael Blanchet. From industrial design to prototyping using a 3D printer, including airbrushing, the workshop opens up the field of possibilities.

"Customers trust us. And I encourage them to stand out in order to have a unique vehicle".​

Because this is the main motivation of the interested parties who belong to a community of riders and want to distinguish themselves by displaying their originality. A trend followed by the company that offers certificates for the color code of the paint applied to the model; which will be used only once.

To date, more than fifty Nami Electric scooters have been customized in France but also internationally such as Dubai or the United States. And some will soon be available in limited editions.

"When the Nami Burn-E arrived in our workshop, we started by coloring the arms with yellow piping, which customers really appreciated. Today we customize entire scooters. It is a real pleasure to work on Nami Electric scooters for two reasons: the access to parts and the speed of dismantling and reassembling the models."

Michael Blanchet, fondateur de Funtrott

As a picture is sometimes worth a thousand words, here is a slideshow of the customizations operated by Funtrott on the Nami Electric range.

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