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Power, reliability, design.​

City electric scooter NAMI  Electric was created by Michael Sha Tao and Johann Maugueret. Their entrepreneurial collaboration their entrepreneurial collaboration was based on knowledge sharing in engineering and international distribution. Both had the same ambition: to boost the offer of electric scooters by imagining an innovative quality vehicle with a high end-class city electric scooter brand.

The first model Burn-E is a top-of-the-range, innovative, robust and intelligent electric scooter. For a year, riders from different countries were polled on social networks to participate in every step of its creation.

The production is orchestrated by Michael Sha at his factory based in Ningbo, in Zhejiang province, in China.

“There were two crucial phases in the development of the Burn-E model: first, the creation of the mechanical parts comprising the one-piece welding frame and the bending system.
Then the part of the power system which consists of the dashboard, the controller (intelligent program of the dashboard) and the cable system”.

Michael Sha, Co-founder of Nami Electric.

The international distribution and the management of the brand are carried out by Johann Maugueret, founder of Rise Up, company specialized since 2006 in the sale of city electric scooters in B to B and B to C.

“My creativity and my taste for adventure have allowed me to believe in the growth of the electromobility market in Europe and internationally. My goal was to democratize the use of electric scooters in town. I have always wanted to participate in a revolution in uses: the way we move offers a field of innovation that is both demanding and exciting!”

Johann Maugueret, co-founder of Nami Electric