In order to resolve charging latencies on Klima models, we invite users who are unable to charge their Klima and Klima Max scooter beyond 80% to contact their reseller in order to update the charger.

This support is free and provided by the entire official Nami Electric resale network.


We offer you our new steering column stem for free in its improved version, to be fitted yourself or by a professional.

We invite you to contact your dealer to make an appointment and make the change.
Only the labor will be charged to you.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at this address:


Please note that in the Nami Electric dashbord, the default setting is 25% for the P13, which causes it to automatically switch to E motor when the battery reaches 25%.
And if the movement speed is higher than the E-mode limit speed (which is about 25% of the maximum speed), it could cause E-brake from mode change, and E-brake will increase when moving speed increases
For your safety, please be aware of the possible E-brake when changing modes at high speed,
And you might consider reducing the default setting of the P13 to 0, to remove the possibility of the mode change from the battery capacity change.