Meeting with Mr. Huang Guo Hua

Welder’s hands and heart work together

Mr. Huang Guo Hua is the leader welder of Nami company. Before joining us, he worked in the bicycle industry. Now he is sharing his expertise and the art of arc welding with the salaries thanks to his 20 years of experience.

How did you become a master welder?

In 2005, I started training to become a master welder in a Taïwan company in Kunshan Jiangsu province. This factory produces the aluminum frame for the trek bike. It tooks me 5 years of work to become a welding expert.

Why did you choose this profession ?

At first, I was a delivery man in a packaging company and I heard that companies are hiring welders because of their growing need for a good salary. So, I started to learn the discipline and I became a welder. I am working for different prospects and am free to choose projects with promising futures like the Nami Electric brand.

“This job requires knowing how to master several skills”

Why is-it a sought-after know-how ?

Expertise is very important. This job requires knowing how to master several skills like the position that should require spot welding on the welding jig, where to carry out the first welding, on what scale spot welding should be carried out, the order of welding by points for different parts, and also the arrangement of the brake to the bottom of each part for welding. It demands a lot of practice.

What are the difficulties of this profession?

It is mostly physical. You have to stand the pressure on the body, the heat, the radiation and the noise. The light of the weld also could be hard sometimes to support, which is as blinding as captivating in my job.

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What are the advantages over others?

There are two advantages : the good looking with the fish scale pattern and the strength. The solidity is greatly improved compared to the flow welding. I hope that the final customer can feel it and have a good experience using the product.

What skills are needed for this type of welding?

The scale pattern of aluminum argon arc welding requires a long time of work experience to master the appropriate wire feeding rhythm, the melting time and rhythm of the base material.

“Welder’s hands and heart work together”

What are the assets necessary to succeed in this profession?

Comprehension and time. When you get started in this discipline, you must be willing to learn, to work hard and to master the art of welding. Welder’s hands and heart work together.

We talk a lot about the robotization of tasks in industry. How can we reconcile human knowledge such as yours with welding on an industrial scale?

In making the Nami Burn-E frame, there are angles that require mastery and experience. In the future, robotic assistance will be needed to ensure ever-growing production volumes.