Nami Burn-E



From 4099 €

She looks like you

Sporty, peri-urban or city dweller, everyone has their own mobility. We have imagined for you the electric scooter that adapts to each of your journeys.
You choose.



From 1499 €

From 2699 €

No charge stress

Up to 120 km of range. In your daily trips, to get to work or for leisure, you will have enough energy to enjoy your journeys without worrying about recharging.ou can drive from home to work, work to home and keep a lot for fun ! The charging is fast because of the powerful 5 A charger given as standard with your scooter.

Custom your rides

You benefit from 5 driving modes, thanks to the smart dashboard.

Two of which can be fully personalized giving you access to an infinite configuration.

Ready to start in 5 seconds

For your safety we have redesigned the folding system of the scooter. The taper folding lock matches at 100% with the frame surface. You need a few seconds to drive fully safely.

Folding system Nami


Faster than lightning. Burn-e has enough power in all driving conditions.

8400 Watts of “oh yesssssss” ! We have equipped Burn-e with two motors delivering a maximum power of 4200 Watts. This gives you access to sufficient power in any driving situation

Riders on the storm.

Burn-E is water resistant and the electronic parts will not be damaged when the driving conditions are rainy.

We have specially designed for you a metal protections for the battery and its components. Its absorb shocks and guarantees an optimal level of protection against humidity, in addition to the IPX5 certification obtained for the entire scooter.

Nami Trottinette Electrique burn-e pmt - Scooter
Tubular frame

Upgraded frame.

Thanks to its rigidity, the aluminum tubular frame of Nami Electric offers you stability in all your movements.
And unexampled style! It is guaranteed for 3 years.

Life at your fingertips

Thanks to two easy-to-use switch buttons, you will be able to intuitively control all of Burn-e’s parameters. This way, you can stay focused on your driving and enjoy the moment.

Left switch button Nami


Right switch button Nami


Suspension with 16 steps adjustment.

Discover a driving as comfortable as on a cloud. Experience shock-free driving : you will not feel any road defects.

Suspension Nami
brakes nami electric

Bite in the brakes.

Safety first. You got a full hydraulic system break with a 160 mm brake disc that allows effective and lasting braking over time.

Shine a light.

Shine the light around you with the 2000 lumens of your front light.

Lights Nami
nami-35-scaled (1)

The intelligentsia.

The controller is the brain of your innovative electric scooter. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this intelligence consists of:


We give pride of place to handmade to offer you a complete riding experience and better meet your needs. It is our master welder who talks about it the best.


Sportifs, périurbains ou citadins, à chacun sa mobilité. Nous avons imaginé pour vous 
la trottinette électrique qui s’adapte à chacun de vos trajets.
À vous de choisir.